Common Mistakes Amateur Roofers Often Make in Kingsport

Roofing projects like shingle installation can become problematic if you hire an inexperienced roofing contractor. Amateur roofers often commit mistakes without even knowing about it, costing you more in future repairs. Here are some roofing problems you are likely to experience when you hire a newbie roofing contractor.

Mismatched Shingles

A common mistake inexperienced roofers often make is installing mismatched shingles. Amateur roofers tend to buy shingles from different suppliers which can get mixed up during installation. That leads to poor cohesion between shingles and mismatched shingles are often obvious and unsightly, as well.

Neglected Attic Ventilation

Amateur roofers also tend to focus on your roof’s exterior and neglect your home’s attic, because they probably don’t know better. Proper attic ventilation is important. Poor ventilation will trap heat in your attic, baking your shingles over time.

Improper Installation

Due to lack of funding or experience, amateur roofers may cut corners and put your newly installed roof at risk with improper installation. Even with a warranty to cover the damages, shoddy installation can be disruptive to your home, even long after a project is finished.

Reusing Flashings

Another cost-cutting plan amateur roofers often have is to reuse old flashing sheets on new projects. Salvaging flashing can lead to more expenses in the future due to replacement, so it’s best to purchase fresh new ones for your roof.

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