How Roofing Ventilation Works and Its Many Benefits

Emergency RoofingVentilation of your roof is one of its most important components. For those who are unaware, a roof’s ventilation is usually composed of two things: the first component is exhaust ventilation, which is usually placed at the peak of your roof to allow air to escape your attic. The second component, on the other hand, is intake ventilation. Compared to the exhaust vents, the intake ventilation is placed near the edge of your roof and allows fresh air to enter your attic for better air circulation.

Reduces Indoor Temperature Extremes

If you have poor roof ventilation, chances are you’ll notice that some parts of your home are warmer than others. By improving your roof’s ventilation, you can easily reduce the indoor temperature extremes by letting the hot air escape and cool air in, making your home comfortable year-round.

Reduces Energy Costs

You can easily reduce your home’s energy costs by improve your roof’s ventilation. This is because a roof with adequate ventilation can allow hot air to escape, reducing the workload of your air conditioner.

Extends Your Roof’s Lifespan

Surprisingly enough, better roof ventilation can help extend the lifespan of your roof. After all, the adequate ventilation allows hot air to escape the attic, preventing the heat buildup that can damage your shingles from inside your home and lead to premature deterioration. 

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