Why Roof Tear-Offs Are Better Than Overlays

home-residential-roofingThere are two ways a sloped roof can be installed: complete tear-off or as an overlay. While roofing contractors can install new roofs either way, we often recommend a complete tear-off, which offers more benefits despite the higher cost.

Overlay Vs. Tear-Off Installation

The difference between overlay and tear-off installation methods is in how much of the old roof is going to be removed before the new roof is installed. In the case of overlay installation, none at all; the new roof is installed over the old one. A complete roof tear-off involves stripping the old roof down to the decking material, which is usually good for two roof installations.

Why Tear-Offs Are the Better Option

The savings offered by overlay installation can be attractive to some homeowners. But this merely affects the upfront roof replacement cost. Covering the old roof with a new one takes away the opportunity to address unseen structural problems such as trapped moisture or damaged decking.

A roofing tear-off, on the other hand, is a fresh start. Structural issues will be addressed, resulting in sound roofing structure, with less likelihood of roofing failure. Depending on the roofing system you choose, you can be eligible for better warranty coverage. Most of today’s roofing manufacturers provide extensive warranty coverage for “clean” roofing installations.

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